Father Daughter Camp

A daddy is the first hero a little girl has in her life. You’re the first man she falls in love with, and the standard she’ll compare all other men against. She needs your love. Your little girl, no matter her age, needs to know daddy loves her, and is willing to invest time and energy in her life.

On the last Thursday-through-Sunday in July, we’re inviting fathers and daughters to spend a weekend camping, cooking out, and developing a stronger relationship and understanding together. Activities include horseback riding, archery, ziplining, clay shooting, teaching from Norm Wakefield, a father of three daughters, and much more! Here at Father and Son Camp East, we want to give fathers the opportunity to connect with their children. Our prayer is that through Father and Daughter Camp East, you will build a stronger, more lasting relationship with your daughters.

As with our Father and Son camp, the camp runs Thursday through Sunday. Dinner for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are provided. All activities are open Friday 12-5, and Saturday 12-4. Campsites, picnic tables, fire-rings, and wood are all provided. We also provide fresh drinking water and hot showers. Our Father and Daughter camp is similar to our other camps except Father and Daughter Camp will not have paintball, but, will have horseback riding. As with our policy of “no girls allowed” for our sons camp, we will have “no boys allowed” except for staff.