FSCE Announces Exciting New Activities for 2016

Football (For July camp only)

The football session will, as with all other FSCE events, be run by experienced individuals and ministries including professional and college level personnel. For staffing and venue reasons those participating in this activity must complete the football waiver accompanying the registration form. If you decide to participate after arriving at camp, no problem, we will have copies for you there. A special football activity including Punt, Pass, and Kick contests, Youth Flag Football tourney, and a winner take all Father and Son Game. So no one misses out on any of the other camp activities - this special football event will be earlier on Friday before the other activities begin. 

See the schedule for more information.

Hiking, Orienteering and Forest Hunting

The real woodsmen can boost their skills with help from the ALERT men's by building lashed structures like camp stands, towers, and bridges. Orienteering (finding your way in the woods) and Forest Hunting Skills will also be included.


Paintballers can be part of The First Annual Epic Big Woods Battle this year.